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DEIVATHIN KURAL # 4 (of Vol 3) Dated 13 Oct 2008

DEIVATHIN KURAL # 4 (of Vol 3) Dated 13 Oct 2008

(These e-mails are translations of talks given by Periyavaal of Kanchi Kamakoti peetam, over a period of some sixty years while he was the pontiff in the earlier part of last century. These have been published in Tamil by Vanadi Padippagam, Chennai, in seven volumes of a thousand pages each, as Deivathin Kural. To day we are proceeding from the middle of page number 15, of Vol 3, of the Tamil original. )
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32. In Maharashtra I said, there used to be more number of people who for generations were ardent devotees of Ganesha to the exclusion of all other Gods collectively known as Ganapatya-s. There are eight Vinayaka-s known as Ashta Vinayaka temples, amongst which, Mayuresa of Morgaon is famous. Here in Tamil Nadu, what is Mayur in Sanskrit or More in Hindi is known as Mayil, that is the Peacock. This is well known as the official carrier for Kartikeya or Murugan, the second brother of the divine couple of Parvati-Parameswara and not of the rather heavy Pillaiyar! He is well known to have the lowly Rat as His official carrier! Amongst Rats also, not the big and burly Bandicoot, but smaller Moonjooru or Mooshik! It is the incongruousness of the poor carrier with His rather heavy load, which at once touches one's heart with awe and wonder!!
33. Here in Morgaon, the very capable Peacock that is Vaahan for Pillaiyar. His whole family of deities have taken residence around Morgaon. Here in the Kshetra Purana of Morgaon Thiruvalamchuzhi of Tamil Nadu is spoken of highly! Thiruvalamchuzhi is mentioned as Dakshina (valam) + Aavartam(suzhi) = Dakshinavartam(valamchuzhi). In that Sthala Purana, Thiruvalamchuzhi has been praised as the capital city of Pillaiyar's.
34. In Thiruvalamchuzhi however, Valambury Pillaiyar is located within the precincts of the Siva Temple. In addition, outside the Siva Temple, there is a White Pillaiyar. White in Tamil is Vellai. So He is known as Vellai Pillaiyar. He is only Edambury type but rather famous. The Siva in this place have been eulogized by Gnana Sambandar and Appar through their Tevaram songs. But, the Vellai Pillaiyar takes away all the fame and name for Himself! The Mandapam in which He is housed has very intricate craftsmanship, especially the white marble grills!
35. In olden times, when temples were being constructed, it seems that while entering into contractual agreements, the Stapathi-s (experts in sculpting), used to agree upon all sorts of constructions except five specific types! Those five were said to be super human efforts. They are, Kodungai in Aavudaiyar Koil; the outer wall known as Madil in Kadaarankondaan; the main Tower of the Big Temple in Tanjore; the huge hall in Thiru Veezhi Malai known as Vowwal Otti (frequented by bats?) Mandapam; and the Marble Grills of Thiruvalamchuzhi, respectively!
36. Those grills known as, 'palagani' to let light and air inside closed spaces, are very intricately carved with sixteen symmetrical holes in each of them. The number 16 known as 'shodasa' has special significance in Mantra and Tantra Saastraa-s. Number 16 is indicative of totality / 'shodasa kala poornam'. This Vellai Vinayagar was prayed to by the King of Deva-s that, nectar of the Gods came out from the Ocean of Milk. Because He is made of the Milk He is absolutely white and so is known as 'Sweta Vinayagar'. His pooja is done without touching Him. In this station 'Brhmotsavam' is done periodically for Him and not for Siva. One more specialty of this place is that, as one of the Ganesha is Valambury, the river Kaveri is also turning right before proceeding Eastwards.
37. Kaveri river and Ganesha are closely related. Agasthya Rishi had imprisoned the Kaveri river in his Kamandalu in the Sahya mountains of Coorg. People of the plains were all suffering in conditions of draught due to the river going dry. It was Ganesha who in deference to the wishes of the suffering humanity, flew in as a crow and tripped the Kamandalu, letting the river flow again. All the people of Tamil Nadu are forever indebted to Ganesha for this act of kindness on His part.
38. Coming out of Karnataka, Kaveri flowing through Tamil Nadu, went into a hole in the earth after Kumbakonam. With extreme kindness, Maharishi Herandar sacrificed himself to make the Kaveri flow once again. It is then that Kaveri went around this Ganesha Kshetra from the right in Pradakshinam and flew towards East again, further adding to the logic of it's name as Thiruvalamchuzhi.
39. Pillaiyar who came as a black crow in Talakkaveri, is absolute white in this station as an Edambury Pillaiyar. "Pranava swaroopa vakratundam" Pillaiyar's another Murthy in this station is Valambury, with the Kaveri river also flowing Valambury! Let us all go around the Edambury or Valambury Pillaiyar from the Dakshina Aavartam as an embodiment of Pranava Swaroopa, and receive His blessings!


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