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DEIVATHIN KURAL # 27 (of Vol 3) Dated 11 Dec 2008

DEIVATHIN KURAL # 27 (of Vol 3) Dated 11 Dec 2008

(These e-mails are translations of talks given by Periyavaal of Kanchi Kamakoti peetam, over a period of some sixty years while he was the pontiff in the earlier part of last century. These have been published in Tamil by Vanadi Padippagam, Chennai, in seven volumes of a thousand pages each, as Deivathin Kural. To day we are proceeding from the middle of page number 117, of Vol 3, of the Tamil original. The readers are reminded that herein the word 'man' includes 'woman' too. )
(Note:- These e-mails are all available at constantly up-dated.
111. Even those dwelling in Hell / Naraka get certain benefits as per directions of our saastraa-s! Our ancestors are known as Pithru-s. When we do Divasam on the annual tithi of the day of the Pithru, we offer water, sesame seeds and pindam, (which is handfuls of rolled cooked rice bits), with necessary mantra-s. Whether the Pithru is in heaven or hell, or are already born as whatever, they get the benefits of what we offer, in the form that can be made use of, in their present embodiment! This is exactly similar to sending a Money Order through P & T department or sending a Payment Order through the Exchange Banks between countries. The function's effectiveness is directly dependent on the 'Sraddha' or sincerity with which the offer is made. That is why, the very function is known as 'Sraardham'!
112. This tradition has not completely died down in our country. Tarpanam is being done on New Moon days and Divasam annually. (Actually Tarpanam is supposed to be done on 36 occassions in a year, including on 12 new-moon days, 16 days during Mahalaya Pakcham and when the sun crosses the Equator, Kataka / Makara Reka-s {that is, tropic of Cancer and tropic of Capricorn} and on the first day of certain months.) But, to a large extent the sincerity is dwindling down. The brahmins who come to represent the departed souls are becoming more shamelessly demanding while, the person conducting the Divasam is becoming stingy and tight fisted. The functions are being done with so many short cuts and make-do's that the very purpose is defeated.
113. Mostly it has become a mere formality only, to people who are afraid that some harm may accrue, if they do not follow the tradition. As far as the other majority is concerned, they do not have time to spare for such 'superstitions and blind beliefs'! The adverse effect of such action, or rather inaction is only known to people like me. There are more and more unheard of diseases becoming common occurences! In many households there are many novel diseases not easily diagnosed, related to blood, brain and nerve disorders. They go to many horoscope experts, 'mantravadis', doctors of various disciplines and such and then come to me with their problems! Most of these instances are due to 'not doing the pithru kaaryaa-s'! If parental care protects the children, after the death of the parents, the pithru kaaryaa-s going by default will adversely affect the children and further generations, I am sure!
114. This point should be clearly understood. You should not think in terms of, "How can the ancestors get angry and curse the subsequent generations?" But, there are powers in being, which regulate the Karmic functioning of the Cause and Effect equation, known as Pithru Devataa-s! When the inputs of 'water, sesame seeds and pindam' are not coming forth, there is a corresponding effect on those entities! So it is clear that for the wellbeing of subsequent generations, the earlier ones have to be reverred with sincere gratitude. Here again 'paropakaaram' and 'swayopakaaram' go hand in hand!
115. Everyone does not take another birth immediately after death. If you do good work in any job, you get increment in pay, promotion and bonus. If you tend to do mistakes you may get demerits and demotion. Exactly similarly, if you do well in this life, you get promoted to a better level and status in the next life. You may transit through the heavens, as a temporary gap before next life. May be that if you have done exceptionally well, you may get a permanent promotion to 'Swarga Vaasa'. On the other hand, if you do specialize in committing sins, then you may transit for some period in hell, followed by re-birth with congenital defects and diseases and or almost permanent demotion to 'Naraka Vaasa'. This Karmic logic never errs!
116. The effects of Tarpanam, Divasam and Sraardham will go to those in places other than Naraka Loka. In Heavens and Hell too there are many gradations. Amongst the Heavens there are Deva Loka, Gandarva Loka, Vidyadara Loka and so on. In the case of Naraka Loka too, there are gradations such as Taamisram, Antataamisram, Buth, Rouravam and so on. If any of the ancestors have reached these nether Loka-s, then the benefits of Sraardam do no reach there. When one Nation is at War with another Nation then excange transactions come to a stand still, is it not so? Simlarly, there can be no transactions between Swarga Loka and Naraka Loka!
117. To cater for such dwellers of Naraka too there are certain methods and mantra-s. It is enough to know that out of extreme compassion, our ancient Rishi-s have evolved these arrangement. We cannot fetch the dwellers of Naraka things in normal desirable forms. The water falling through the 'jatai mudi' while we take a bath, water dripping from the wet washed clothes and the hand wash after our eating; are the sort of things that could be assigned for them with suitable mantra-s! In the sort of conditions that they may undergoing, even these offerings would be a welcome relief. Don't we see the pig wallowing in muck and the roach feeding on dirt? But the fact remains that we mean well for them too! That is more important.
118. Our idea of God is one of extreme tolerance and compassion. But He is also very fair and just! To suffer through such places like the Hell of Rouravam, is not due to God's severity but due to the intensity of cruelty that man is capable of inflicting on others! Our Dharma Saastraa-s have a kind thought even for such souls, that there is some provisions catered for their relief too. Also, it is in the Dharma Saastraa-s of this religion that even Hell is not forever! There is some resolution some time! So, the important point that I have to make is that, the view some people seem to hold that Sanaatana Dharma does not cater for 'Jeeva Kaarunyam, care of other living things and beings, and Social Service', is far from the truth!
(To be continued.)


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