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DEIVATHIN KURAL # 165 (Vol #3) Dated 19 Dec 2009.

DEIVATHIN KURAL # 165 (Vol #3) Dated 19 Dec 2009.
(These e-mails are translations of talks given by Periyaval of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam, over a period of some 60 years while he was the pontiff in the earlier part of the last century. These have been published by Vanadi Padippagam, Chennai, in seven volumes of a thousand pages each as Deivathin Kural. To day we are proceeding from page No 759 of Vol 3 of the Tamil original. The readers are reminded that herein 'man/he' includes 'woman/she' too, mostly. These e-mails are all available at http://Advaitam. blogspot. com constantly updated.)

73. In the process for physical rejuvenation much of Chemistry as a science is involved. Preparation of the chemicals, can be done while located in a cattle fair or while located under a Nellikkai tree (Aamalaka: Sanskrit name or Emblic Myrobalan botanical name). You can see the parallel between Dharma Saastra-s and Vaidya Saastraa here. The dust of the cow’s hoofs are considered as sacred in one and found suitable in the ambient environments for preparing the concoctions in the other. Similarly sitting under a Nellikkai tree is considered as very suitable for meditation and deep concentration as well as for preparing the Ayur Vedic medicines. What is good for spiritual efforts is also good for the body’s treatment. All told, Kayakalpa methods cause positive improvement in the skin, muscle, blood and nerves.

74. Other Sciences in Ayur Veda. We have seen as to how Chemistry as an applied science, is in use in the preparations of Ayur Vedic medicines. In addition you may be surprised to note that some seven or eight other disciplines of science are also part of the Ayur Veda. You have to intimately know about various plants from which we are to get the herbs. So Botany is involved. Individual medicines, their dosages, proportions in which they are to be mixed and the periodicity of administration will all differ, depending on intensity of the diseases and the physical condition of the patient. So, the Vaidya better be aware of the Physiology of human body, in all its intricacies.

75. At least in the past, the same Vaidya had to take care of human beings as well as domestic animals. So, he had to know quite a bit of Zoology too. Our ancestors had the power to see through all such extremely subtle areas of knowledge to arrive at cogent scientific deductions of facts, truths and concepts. Their compassion did not stop at human beings and animals. For the likely diseases of plants they evolved what is known as, ‘Vrukshayur Veda’ meant for plants and trees. When it came to mixing the ingredients in correct proportions for making the medicines, they had to have perfect knowledge of Mathematics and Physics.

76. Sir. P.C.Ray is a scientist who has studied the Veda-s and Saastraa-s and arrived at the conclusion that all modern sciences including Physics originated and systematically studied to a fairly advanced stages in ancient India some two thousand years back! His findings have been accepted grudgingly with awe by many modern scientists that, what has been discovered within the past two to three centuries, seem to have been known already to Indian thinkers of the past.

77. What is much appreciated by foreigners is that our ancient scholars have not only worked out the correct medicines but also the most appropriate diet restrictions for all diseases. The word for diet is ‘patyam’, that is the path or way to go! It is not only enough to take the prescribed medicines, but also avoid certain foods and take certain other foods in some specific proportions! The common rule of ‘patyam’ is that all people should have ‘upavaasam’ once in a fortnight. Once in a while everybody should skip a meal. Vaidya Saastram considers that in each ‘paksham’ that is, during the waxing or waning of the moon, it is good to have total fasting for a day, That is the Ekadasi Vratam. This is another area where the Dharma and Vaidya Saastraa-s go hand in hand!

78. Why should we follow this Ayur Veda method? We as people of this country, should be following this method which is our own! That is one reason. Secondly, abiding with Ayur Veda, we will automatically be observing the Do’s and Don’ts of our Aachaaraa-s. There is one more reason. By strictly abiding with this method, we will be living a life very close to nature. That is, if we believe in a God as a creator and sustainer of this whole universe then, living our life close to nature we will not be transgressing the laws of nature. In countries all over the globe, in each area the terrain and climate differs, based on which their source of food and habits differ. In each of those areas, nature has made available suitable antidotes in the form of herbs, for the sort of diseases likely in those areas. Accordingly also in each of those areas, an appropriate medical system has evolved locally.

79. Our country is one of balanced climatic conditions, with a suitable mix of all types. This place is meant to be peopled by the Saattvic guna oriented lots. Accordingly for them the required herbs and other materials are locally available here as arranged by nature. This land is the ‘Karma Bhumi’. For the ‘Karma Anushtaanaa-s’, the spinal cord is the rules of Dharma Saastraa-s. The people living here are required to carry out their duties of protection of their self and properties, relief from diseases and sustenances; without transgressing Dharma Saastraa-s. That is why our ancestors could divine the details of Ayur Veda by God’s Grace! God’s Grace is evident in the form of Mother Nature, in each area of the Globe. Man has to realize this simple fact that he is part of the Nature and not it’s Master.

80. Not only in the Science of Medicine, in the area of ‘Shilpam’, that is the way we construct our houses, living areas and buildings; there is a method that is suitable to that local area based on its ambient local conditions and availability of raw materials. You simply cannot copy what is done in Alaska or Japan or Timbuktu, here in Chennai. Similarly, if you take Agriculture, it has to suit the local land and culture! Otherwise, it leads to ‘ativrusht‘i , that is floods and ‘anaavrushti‘ , that is water scarcity! Knowledgeable people are all the time drumming in to our ears, ‘not to disturb nature!’ (KTSV adds:- If you simply try to copy from elsewhere, it leads to chaos, as is being done by the so called Globalization now-a-days!)

81. I am not saying all this. In ‘Charaka Samhita’ the book of authority in Ayur Veda, this matter has been said in no uncertain terms:- “yasmin dese hi yo jaata: tasmy tajjoushadam hitam”. In each area of the world, many people come in to existence. So also the local herbs come into being. This does not happen blindly or hap-hazardly! This is ordered, disciplined evolution in that area. Wherever a man is born, his required medicine is to be made from the materials as available in that area. Such a material out of which Ayur Vedic medicines can be made, has a name in Tamil as ‘charakku’. May be that this word has evolved from the name of the Rishi Charaka. Later possibly this word came to mean all ‘materials’ or goods.

82. Let Ayur Vedam Get Longevity! Now the pathetic condition obtaining is such that, because of my promptings and just to oblige me, if you all decide to change over to Ayur Veda medicines, all of you may not be able to find suitable doctors. For a long number of years, the fact that to do studies in medicine, you had to have knowledge of English as the basic requirement. Some 50 years back there was some hope of a change. Then in the Chennai State a party by the name of Justice Katchi came into being. On the one hand they were not supporting the Independence movement of the Congress party! On the other hand they claimed that Brahmin’s domination was too much in all walks of life, including all trade, industry, social and political spheres. Amongst them also there were some who were capable of unbiased opinions. One of them was Panagal Raja. The present Panagal Park, Thyagaraja Nagar in Chennai is named after him. Even Thyagaraja Nagar, that is what is known as T.Nagar to-day, is named after Pitty Thyagaraja Chetty of Justice party only!

83. For some time, Panagal Raja became a minister under the Britishers. Whatever his other beliefs and views; he felt that as a local, he should be taking some measures for reviving ancient Indian culture. He was well qualified in Sanskrit. So he wanted to revive the Saastraa-s (Not Dharma Saastraa-s) concerning arts, crafts and sciences. He was of the opinion that Indian Ayur Veda is the best for Indians, being more body friendly for us and that other types medicines cause avoidable harms. Since at that time India Ayur Veda was gasping in its last breath, he started an Ayur Vedic Vidyashala. Had he stayed on for some more time, I am sure that he would have done his bit for Indian Jyotisham, Ganitam and Physics.

84. Whatever you may think of my national patriotic spirit, it is those who claim to be highly motivated by Nationalism, Patriotism and Swadeshiyam, who have done next to nil to revive our arts, sciences and crafts! The whole effort since our independence has been in copying western language, dress, out-look, manners, habits and culture, to the utter neglect of true Indian ethos and spirit! At least through the Justice party people, Ayur Veda got some first aid and revival, that since then at the speed of a snail or tortoise, it has made some progress. To-day, uit so happens that, those who do certain number of years of study in the normal stream of medicine and then do some specialization in Indian Medicine, could be given a G.C.I.M., (General Certificate of Indian Medicine) as a degree! (This was in the year 1958.)

(To be continued.)




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