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DEIVATHIN KURAL # 123 (Vol #3) Dated 02 Sept 2009.

DEIVATHIN KURAL # 123 (Vol #3) Dated 02 Sept 2009.

(These e-mails are translations of talks given by Periyaval of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam, over a period of some 60 years while he was the pontiff in the earlier part of the last century. These have been published by Vanadi Padippagam, Chennai, in seven volumes of a thousand pages each as Deivathin Kural. To day we are proceeding from the middle of page 540 of Vol 3 of the Tamil original. The readers are reminded that herein 'man/he' includes 'woman/she' too, mostly. These e-mails are all available at constantly updated.)

249. For more than two generations all these Aachaaraa-s are getting ignored. Ever since English based education became the criteria for employment, Brahmins have hogged the lime light and grabbed most of the available jobs from Indian Civil Service to Tehsildars to the exalted clerk in the lowly arm of bureaucracy at the village level! “Now if you tell us to follow the Aacharaa-s, in our households, even elders are not aware of what these are supposed to be!”, is the complaint from ladies. Whosoever is your family Vaadyaar or Sroutigal, he is the person to approach on this. There are the following books available:-
(a) ‘Smruti Muktapalam’ known more popularly as ‘Vaidyanatha Deekshiteeyam’, in six parts, which is very exhaustive.
(b) ‘Goutama Dharma Sutram’.
(c) ‘Bhodayana Dharma Sutram’.
(Note. These three are published by Veda Dharma Saastra Paripalana Sabha, Kumbakonam.)

250. Then there are some more books.
(a) ‘Dharma Saastra Surukkam’, by R.Muthuswami Iyer, Publisher, KMNagaraja Iyer, Keezh Vidayal, Karuppur, Koda Vasal PO, Tanjore District.
(b) ‘Sadaachaaram’, by Srivatsa Somadeva Sarma, Publisher Bhavani Book Center, 19, Station Road, Chennai- 600 033.

(c) Saivam. ‘Nitya Kanma Neri’, Dharmapuram Adinam, Dharmapuram. Mayiladuthurai.
(d) Vainavam. ‘Sri Vashnava Nitya Anushtana Kramam’, Pubkisher LIFCO, T.Nagar, Chennai-600 017.

251. Very old books in Tamil have spoken in detail about Vedik Daily Rituals. There is a book known as, ‘Aachaarakkovai’. In it, starting with Thirukkural, Nanneri, Avvai Padalgal, Aranerich-charam, while giving detailed notes on the daily rituals. All the concepts of Saastraa-s are literally translated and given in a book called, ‘Needi Venba’. In the olden times, wherever there was mention of a King’s rule, in books, Purana-s, Literature or etched on metal plates or inscribed on temple walls; they all invariably mention that he ruled over the Kingdom without any let in the Rules and Regulations as per Manu, maintaining Law and Order as per the Varna - Aashrama system, ensuring that proper Aachaaraa-s are maintained meticulously.

252. The book ‘Aachaarakkovai’ that I mentioned, not only lists all the daily aachaara-s but also clearly states as to how each action is to be done, with reason why. Now you will be further surprised that this book has a place of eminence in the Tamil Literature. There are 18 books of literary merit, highly regarded under the name, ‘PadineN Keezhk KaNakku‘. One amongst those 18 books is the famous Thirukkural and Aachaarakkovai is another. Now you will be able to understand as to how eminently important it is! Tamilians can get to know to know everything about Aachaaraa-s by reading that book.

253. The Greatness of the Past and Present Day's Depravity! There is no doubt that our forefathers were very healthy, full of vim and vigour, with brilliance of brains, effulgence of the inner self, power of the mantras they chanted, with the quiet contentedness and peacefulness of the soul, evident to all especially the foreign visitors. Comparatively to-day, we are full of all sorts of diseases, with no name or fame to talk of, followers of all and sundry in the lower rankings in all walks of life! The reason for this state of affairs is clearly the fact that, we have given up our aachaara anushtaanaa-s as being too difficult to follow! In the bargain we have come to accept much greater difficulties in our day to day life. Once we understand that this is the reason, we can turn a corner and restart doing those things which we gave up thinking them to be too tough. Initially it may be tough. But in a short while, we will come to realize that our aachaaraa-s are meant to benefit us in this life as well as in our later lives! They are not the trouble creators but are highly beneficial in the material as well as the spiritual life of ours.

254. Getting up at four in the morning, taking a cold water bath, doing the Prata: Sandyavandanam, giving 'Argyam' as the Eastern horizon turns red at 'Arunodayam', doing Gayatri Japam till Sunrise, then do Oupasanam, Pooja, Madyanhikam, Vaisvadewam, Atitisatkaaram, then take the day's food, which is 'saatveekam' that is, not very spicy and titillating the senses. Similarly in the evening taking a bath, doing the Sayam Sandyavandanam, giving Argyam to the Sun God at the time of setting of the Sun, then chant the Gayatri mantra till the stars become visible, then agnihotram, deva aalaya darsanam and or hearing of purana-s and have a light dinner, before going to sleep.

255. Such a life has a pleasant aura about it with blissful happiness as the main content. Instead of being dirty, cribbing and fretting, scheming somebody's down fall or exploitation of someone else all of the time! Such distasteful unwanted activities, do not lead to fulfillmnent either, resulting in nightmares. You have to search for satisfaction elsewhere. So, your sleep is spoiled. You do not feel like getting up till even 8 in the morning, groggy eyed with a possible hang over!. As against this our man living strictly by the dictates of the Aachaaraa-s, has got up at 'pancha pancha ushat kaale' and has got going with the next days activities already for four hours! Their inner satisfaction and contentedness was due to observing the Aachaaraa-s meticulously. They were mentally and physically hale and hearty! ('Pancha pancha ushat kaale' is the early morning time around 4 AM, when the birds are still hesitant as to whether they should start chirping or not and the night sky has not yet started brightening.)

256. They were individually keeping themselves pure in mind and heart, not letting any corruption touch them. By their personal purity, they were contributing for the society's purity also. As against that, to-day, we are corrupt, polluted and besmirched. In the name of social awareness and universal brotherhood, we are not only losing our pristine quality but, corrupting the whole society.

(To be continued.)




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