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DEIVATHIN KURAL # 88 (Vol # 3) Dated 16 May 2009

DEIVATHIN KURAL # 88 (Vol # 3) Dated 16 May 2009

(These e-mails are translations of talks given by Periyaval of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam, over a period of some 60 years while he was the pontiff in the earlier part of last century. These have been published by Vanadi Padippagam, Chennai, in seven volumes of a thousand pages each as Deivathin Kural. To day we are proceeding from the middle of page 388 of Vol 3 of the Tamil original. The readers are reminded that herein 'man/he' includes 'woman/she' too, mostly. These e-mails are all available at http://advaitham. blogspot. com constantly updated.)

119. Achievements of the Past & Present Degradation! Till we were all following the dictates of the Saastraa-s, that is, till the common man was generally disciplined and observed his part of the Karma Anushtaana, and the leaders were also adhering to the 'Nitya Karma Anushtaana' sans attachments, this country was a model of excellence in Dharma, Devotion, Gnaana, culture, civilization, arts, sciences, handicrafts and hospitality, as borne out by history. Since the so called Reformers started their messing about, we have been on a downward spiral. On the pretext of raising the lot of the common man, downtrodden and deprived, we have all been hurtling down, with no end in sight!
120. In imagining the upliftment of the masses, we are finding the equality in the rock bottom. When the fully realised Saints, who were Rishis of effulgent Atma Gnaana, despite being totally free of the need to do any Karma, were still abiding with all the requirements of Karma Anushtaana; the country was not only far advanced spiritually, but were also much admired world over for their achievements in Astronomy, Mathematics, Medicine, Sculpture, Fine Arts of Dance, Drama and Music; Literature, Economics, Foreign Trade across the seas and so on! There is no truth whatsoever in accusing us of being a backward nation, for our belief in 'Mayawaad'. Yes, the whole world including you, me, them, this and that; are all unreal maya. But that belief is at the highest levels of inner comprehension of the reality. In the practical 'vyavahaaric' level, we took the world and all that it contains quite seriously; with the firm belief that it is all manifestations of God! So, we gave the utmost importance to the highest moral standards, with which we dealt with every one else and everything else.
121. It is only under the Muslim rule and then under the British rule; when the Hindu society was subjugated and the whole country came under foreign rule. It is only since then, that we have come to be considered as a backward nation! The backwardness was not due to our culture or philosophy or Aachaara-s! If the English based education was the penultimate nail in the coffin, the up-start reform movements from within the country and from within the Hindu religion, for some sincere and some insincere reasons, was the last proverbial nail! The common man who would progressively cleanse and ennoble himself, was left scot free in the name of freedom. Then there was no stopping this country from the vicious cycle.
122. There are people to claim differently. Their argument runs on the following lines. "You may say that we have lagged behind in religious matters. But in matters of Science, both pure and applied; atomics, electronics, information technology, business management, engineering, avionics, space exploration and medicine and so on; we have progressed by leaps and bounds!" I agree with you on the above. But the question remains, 'as to at what cost?' In the name of freedom from the observance of the Aachaara-s, we have economically and financially become slaves of the western nations! Where we have lost is in moral standards! What was known as 'Dharma Bhoomi', has become one of the most corrupt countries. You can claim progress in commerce. But if you hear the comments of those who are importing from us, you will have to have second thoughts! "These Indians send some quality samples. Then they despatch sub-standard materials! They are morally corrupt." Such is their comments about India. Even in joint scientific experiments, they do not trust the Indians fully. In the olden times due to self imposed discipline, our foundations were strong on which the mammoth edifices of arts and sciences, name and fame could be built up! Without that strength of such foundations, what ever progress are seemingly being made, are likely to fall like a pack of cards!
123. I feel sad that the essential tool of character building in the common man, the Vaidik Aachaara-s, has been done away with, so easily that people have absorbed the idea as though it is a 'veda vaak', that is a decree as given in the Veda-s! There is no need to discuss this subject any further with arguments and counter arguments. What ever I have said already in the past 12 e-mails are all not required at all! How do you decide as to whether a medicine is effective on a patient or not? As long as the medicine is being given, the disease is under control and when you stop the medication there is deteriration in the patients condition. Do you need any more proof? Exactly similarly, till the old customs and traditions of old aachaara-s were there, there was much progress in all fields and more than anything else there was unity and discipline! Do we need any more proof of the fact that this national body is sick and the Aachaara-s are not to be meddled with anymore!
124. The moment you stop the medicine one time, if there is relapse of the disease, don't you realize that the medicine has to be restarted? Once you have renegged on Saastraa-s and Aachaara-s, there has been loss of peace and tranquility, in both individual and social lifes. Even now if people do not understand the symptoms and the remedy, what can be done? It is the leaders of the society, who are refusing to see the writing on the wall! Yes, it is always difficult to accept that one's mistakes. When the whole ship is ready to sink, should we not try and salvage what we can? Still there is time. At least you are listening to my saying this. Instead of just listening, you should be energized in to action! It is not enough to hear the weather forecast that here is to be a storm. You have to take action to safe guard against likely damages. Over many thousands of years, the religious aachaara-s have been protecting the mass of this country on the straight and narrow path of Dharma. That you have heard me, has to be shown in action, at least from now onwards.
125. "sikhaam sootram cha pundram cha samaya aachaarameva cha I poorvai: aasrita: kuryaat anyataa patito bhavet II" A simple 'kudumi' hair style, a 'poonool' of three threads, 'naamam or vibhuti' on the forehead and things like that; please follow the foot path of our ancestors, lest you become a fallen angel! We consider God to be the 'patia paavana', the saviour of the downtrodden. At least you may remember the song made famous by Mahatma Gandhi, "...patita paavana sitaram...". That Sri Ram was a stickler for the injunctions of the Saastraa-s. Instead of falling too low and giving Him too much work, let us move in the direction shown by our forefathers and pray to Him to lift us and protect us.
126. Our Aachara-s have come to us with no information as to who evolved those and when! We know of only of the recent Guru-s such as, Adi Sankara, Sri Ramanuja Acharyar, Sri Madhvar, Sri Chitanyar and so on. Prior to that except for some names, we do not know as to who authored which sampradaya! Unlike Christianity, Sikhism and Muslim religion, there is no proper recording of these things. If the traditions of those religions are like the highway of the modern world, with records of which engineer laid the roads and opened by which leader. Ours are like the foot tracks of yore. The macadam tar road may look very impressive. But, it is the foot path which can take you to the destinations untravelled by many!
127. The foot path becomes better with usage. It does not need periodic repairs except some sweeping. No possibility of an accident. It will never finish in a blind alley! It is an open path polished by our ancestors by walking over it. Though it may not have much pomp and show, but very comfortable. With an easy walk it will take you to the final destination of all destinations! Even in places where you may not be able to lay a road, it is this foot path of our ancestorrs' aachara, that will enable to reach even places other wise inaccessible!

(To be continued.)




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