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Deivathin Kural # 72 of (Vol 2) of 17 Jan 2008.

Om Namah Sivaya.

Deivathin Kural # 72 of (Vol 2) of 17 Jan 2008.

(Note 1. We are to remind the readers that herein, 'he' as a word stands for 'she' as well. When Tamil or Sanskrit words are transliterated in English, the single vowel will indicate a short utterance and a double vowel will indicate a longer pronounciation. Words in Sanskrit script not being available, the transliteration spellings and thereby the pronounciation, especially of names may be at variance from what it should be! I offer my sincere apologies for the likely errors, as the one doing the translation. ---KTSV Sarma. Note 2. It may please be noted that the talk is dated some time in the late 1950's and early 60's.

(Continued from Deivathin Kural # 71 of (Vol 2) of 15 Jan 2008.)

32. If you think of a spot above the North Pole as the Meru on which the Heaven is situated, then from that point, all the directions away from it are South! How to go to the East or West or North, from there? Get down from there in any direction, is all South. If you pick up a fruit of lemon and look at it, with the point at which it would normally have been attached to the plant, held on top, and think of that top as the Meru, at the North Pole. Now get down from there in any side, you will see that it is all away from the North, ie., towards the South! So also on Earth, the North is the Meru. When the Scripture says that, "...sarvesham api varshaanaam meru: uttarata: stita:...", it means that, Meru is North of all countries. How is life there? We have read in our primary classes that, at the Pole, we have six months of day and six months of night! That is one day for them, at the Pole. Directions are relative. Day is a day as related to the night! None of these things are absolute! So, why is it wrong to say that Devata's one day is as good as one year for us, mortal human beings? Just think!

33. When the Earth rotates, everything on it's sides will also rotate. But the North and South Poles will be static, because those are two points. Because other areas rotate, somewhere the day and night are exactly equal, somewhere else, it is longer days and shorter nights; and yet in other places, the nights are longer and the days are shorter! Only on some days in a year, the Sun rises exactly in the East. Depending upon where you are located on the globe, the variation can be any where from 23 and a half to 47 degrees. But at the poles, after six months of night, when you get the six months of day, the Sun will be seen to go around the pole, never crossing it! This is exactly as is said in the scriptures! When it is the day time in the North pole, it is called the Uttarayanam and when it is night there, it is called the Dakshinayanam.

34. The North pole is called the 'Sumeru' and the South pole the 'Kumeru'. Sumeria as the name of a counrty of the lost continent of Atlantis, seems to be derived from the 'Sumeru' only, where it is said that there was idol worship and certain knowledge of elementary Jyotisham!. As there are Devas in the North, in South there is 'Pithru' lokam of departed souls. To be able to see Pithrus in the form of ethereal souls, Devas in their celestial garbs, and the inhabitants of Naraka or Hell, we need Yoga Shakthi and get the special vision of 'Divya Drishti'. Just because we do not have that sort of divine vision, does not mean that we can rule out their existance flippantly, out of hand! Born in Russia, having lived in America, Madam Blavatsky, after extensive travelling in Germany, was one of the founders of the Movement known as the Theosophical Society of India. She was an authority on the subject of the World of Spirits. Then one should read the two dozen books written by Sir Oliver Lodge, between 1908 and 1933, on the subject, before coming to any hasty conclusions. Having been a modern man of Science, in his later years, he had delved deep in to the World of Spirits and has more than proved that it is an area worthy of investigation for the benefit of humanity. (KTSV adds:- I am quoting the names of the books, for the information of the readers of this e-mail. "Man and the Universe, 1908; Survival of Man, 1909; Reason and Belief, 1910; Life and Matter, 1912; Modern Problems, 1912; Science and Religion, 1914; The War and After, 1915; Raymond, or Life and Death, 1916; Christopher, 1918; Raymond Revised, 1922; The Making of Man, 1924; Ether and Reality, 1925; Relativity, 1926; Evolution and Creation, 1926; Science and Human Progress, 1927; Modern Scientific Ideas, 1927; Why I Believe in Personal Immortality, 1928; Phantom Walls, 1929; Beyond Physics, 1930; The Reality of a Spiritual World, 1930; Conviction of Survival, 1930; Past Years, 1932; and My Philosophy, 1933".) Do not wonder as to why, after talking about Jyotisham and relating it to modern sciences of Mathematics and Astronomy, this Swamiyar is suddenly jumping into these ehtereal subjects? My point is that the study of such subjects are to be treated with the respect that they deserve, if we are not to pre-judge.

35. Our Sastras are from a period of yore, when human beings used to interact with celestials, as we are doing with each other to-day. One careful look at the Mantra for Sankalpa (that is said, before commencement of any important Karma), will reveal as to how that particular Sankalpa Mantra, is pinpointing this particular day against the back-drop of Time dating back to millions of years. Some calculations differ now. The moment something is slightly deviating, one should not pre-conclude that Sastras are bogus concoctions. At the time of the start of 'Chatur Yuga', all the planets were in a straight line. Then the 'Druva Nakshatram' was immediately on top of North Pole. There have been many catastrophic changes, many upheavels, on Earth as well as the Solar System and in the rest of the Universe, since then. When it comes to the start of Creation, I am told that, roughly the calculations as per Jyotisham and modern astronomy do generally match. Kali Yuga is for 4,32,000 years. Dwapara Yuga is double that, ie., 8,64,000 years. Treta Yuga is three times that of Kali, amounting to 12, 96,000 years. Kruta Yuga is four times Kali, that is, 17,28,000 years. These four yugas put together is a 'Chatur Yuga' or Maha Yuga of 43,20,000 years. Thousand such Maha Yugas make Brhma's one day! That is one Kalpam. That is the period of 14 Manus. Period of the rule of a Manu is Manvantaram. Though we may have many Democracies, Republics and other sorts of Governments, for the whole world, the ruler detailed by God is Manu. 14 such Manus rule over the world. From the time Man is created, till the end, is one Manu. By the time the second Manu comes, there is another creation cycle. Since we all come from Manu, we are, 'Manushya or Manidan or Man', in different languages. In the 'Sweta Varaha Kalpam' of the day of Brhma, we are in the reign on the Seventh Manu called Vaivasvata Manu. From this Manu, if you go back to the Swayambuva Manu, (in time), you can calculate as to when in this Kalpam, creation must have started. It is in this point in time that, calculation as per Jyotisham and modern science are quite close, about the start of creation!

36. 'Man' also means, to think. That is the job of the 'Mind' in English! To do what it thinks, is the mind. That is why this animal which is capable of the process of thinking, has got this name of 'Man'. That is one quality that literally sets a Man apart from all other animals. That is also the reason for his name too. 14 Manu's life time of a thousand Chatur Yugas, which is one day of Brhma takes, 432,00,00,000. Another 432 crores or 4320 million years will make a night for Brhma. That is one Kalpam. In this, Day is Creation time and the night is all stand still, 'Pralayam'. Brhma Samvatsaram (or One year of Brhma), is 365 multiplied by 864 crores of years. Brhma has 100 such years! That is the life time of this Universe. That is known as 'Adyantika Pralayam'. At the end of Brhma's life time, all worlds, all micro and macro cosmos, will cease. The next creation will commence after 'a commercial break', of Brhma's life time, of similar duration! Next Brhma will happen to arrive and start the process all over again. I am told by Jyotisha Sastra experts, that the next Brhma will be 'Anjaneya'.

37. 'Aadhyantika Pralayam' means permanent dissolution. From the word 'Adhyantam'(meaning start to finish), the word 'Adhyantika' has evolved. 'Pralayam' means 're-absorption', that is to get liberated from worldly involvement and become re-absorbed in the 'Paramatma' the only being-reality-power. When Brhma gets one with the One, with him his creation too gets abstracted and withdrawn in to that 'tat'. Then, when the new Brhma starts all over again, (after a gap of a Brhma Kalpam, as we noted earlier in a light vein as, a 'commercial break'!), it is not the same Jeevas any more, because all Karmas and Rules are over. May be that 'Creation' would have a different set of Rules and Regulations to guide itself! That is why, it is called 'Maha Pralayam'.

38. There are two other 'Pralayas'. One, happens at the end of every Chatur Yuga, lasting for another Chatur Yuga as the break period, known as 'Pralayam' simply. (For the present Kali Yuga, this simple Pralaya, is 4,27,000 years away!) The pralaya that occurs after thousand such Chatur Yugas, since it happens in the intervel between two day times of Brhma, is known as 'Avantara or Kalpa Pralayam'. Contrary to the Maha Pralayam, in this Kalpa Pralayam, there is a continuity of re-birth of the Jeevas.

39. Bhu Lokam, Bhuvar Lokam, Suar Lokam, Mahar Lokam, Jana Lokam, Tapo Lokam and Satya Lokam, are the seven worlds, wherein all the life forms, from the Devas or Deities to the lowest form of single celled organisms, exist. In this, 'Bhu-Bhuva-Sua' are in one group. The other four are higher and superior. At the time of Brhma's sleep every night, the first three Lokas will vanish and be recreated, in the Avantara Pralayam. Of course, everything, ie., all seven Lokas, will cease to be in the Maha / Adhyantika Pralayam.

40. The Sun's heat is imperceptibly reducing as per the studies of scientists. Without the energy of the Sun, life on Earth is not possible. All life on Earth is dependent on Sun for food, rain, seasonal weather and all energy sources. When thus, after so many eons of time, the Sun will be a spent force and life on Earth will come to an end, has been roughly calculated by scientists. This calculation coincides with the calculation of Avantara Pralayam approximately. As said in the Sankalpa Mantra, the present Brhma is past his middle age. Like we have seven names for the days of the week, there are seven names for the 'Kalpas'. In that, we are in the middle of the fourth. Brhma's birth, lifetime and end are all precisely calculable as per Jyotisham, to so and so Kalpam, Manvantaram, Chatur Yugam, Yuga, Sahaabda, Month, Date, Lagna, Uttarayana or Dakshinayana, and Star. In the Sankalpa Mantra, we are very precise, to the time of the event (that is, Yagna or Tarpana or Puja or whatever), which we are about to commence.

41. There is one funny thing in mentioning Brhma's age! They say that he is, 'Para-ardha-dvaya-jeevi'. Para is the period of his life. Parardha means half of that. Parardha dvaya, means double that. It is something like saying that somebody is to live for double forty years. You may as well say eighty years. Anyhow, our present Brhma, is in his 51st year. He has another 49 years of his life. Let me remind you, just in case you have forgotten, that Brhma is yet to live, 49 into 365 into 864 crores of normal human years. Brhma's one Day is the time of 14 Manus. One Manvantaram is 71 Chatur Yugas. In one of those Manvantara known as Vaivasvata manvantara, we are in the 28th Chatur Yuga. In that we are in Kali Yuga, in which out of 4,32,000 years only about 5,000 years have gone by! After all this, it is only the calculation of time! Then we have the accounting or description of Kshetra or Desa or Space, in the Sankalpa Mantra. Starting from the description of Brhmaandam, it gradually brings us to the Earth, the mountains, rivers, nearby punya kshetras, important temples and finally to your address. This is the U.S.A. ie., Universal System of Addressing! Such wonderful knowledge of Mathematics, Astrology and the future of the universe, is to be learnt from Jyotisham!

42. 'Proof of the pudding is in eating', says an English proverb. As far as Jyotisham is concerned, it is the practical experience of its predictions. If the Sun's rays are coming in through a hole in the roof, we do not know as to where the light will be after two hours, or the same time next month. Using Jyotisham, you can compute that. In olden times, they would hang a pearl by a thread and win the hearts and minds of the onlookers, by precise prediction of where the shadow will be after the lapse of some time. In all other Saastras, you win by power of argument and oratory. Here direct observation is the proof, as the Witnesses are the Sun and the Moon! It is said, "...pratyatsham jyotisham saastram...".




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