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Deivathin Kural # 47 of (Vol 2) of 15 Nov 2007.

Om Namah Sivaya.

Deivathin Kural # 47 of (Vol 2) of 15 Nov 2007.

(Continued from DK # 46 of 13 Nov 2007. We are to remind the readers that herein, 'he' as a word stands for 'she' as well. Words in Sanskrit script not being available, the transliteration spellings and thereby the pronounciation, especially of names may be at variance from what it should be!)

307. In our last e-mail, we had seen how, turning our attention inwards, we could to a large extent counter the way we are affected by the factors of Time and Space. When we are asleep, we have no Gnanam or Awareness, 'of being unaware of Time and Space'. But, to be Aware, while not being affected by Time and Space; is what people like Thayum-aanavar called, "thoongamal thoonguvathu", to mean, 'to sleep without sleeping'. Please note that it is neither sleepless nights, nor dreamless sleep. That is resting in Gnaanam. To be relieved of the burden and binding effects of Time and Space; in complete bliss. Then there is no event of any magnitude, which could agitate you. Set aside the discussions about Dwaitam and Adwaitam. They are not needed just now. What do we need now? We need Shanti, Peace, Quite, Period!

308. Many things good and bad affect us. So we laugh and enjoy or cry and suffer. Both are avoidable affectations only. Both seem to be over-doses of which we seem to have had enough of! Even laughter, after certain limits, causes stomach pain. After dancing and celebrating, we do long for peace and quiet. Often we end up asking ourselves as to why can we not be in a state unaffected by the ups and downs of life! Ravana is supposed to have had ten heads. Look at the number of assumed poses we have to sport on this one face, in response to every other person whom we come across in life. Do we ever get to know whether we are happy or otherwise? The problem is real, affecting every one of this world, whether they are rich or poor; powerful or powerless; young or old; single or married or many times divorced; whatever the caste, religion, nationality, language; what ever the position or status. What we need is neither Dwaitam nor Adwaitam, though I am saying so, myself!

309. We wonder as to what is the solution for this? If you carefully analyse as to how to guard against being buffeted about hither and thither, one thing becomes clear. If we ask ourselves as to why, the news about Congo war became less affecting, we can see that, with greater gap in the space, it's power to affect our minds is less. Similarly, when you investigate as to why we cried so much when our father died and as to why we are not as deeply affected now, we will know that, it is the time gap between the event and self, that reduces the event's influence over us. So, to be unaffected by the events, we should train our minds to look at any happening, as though it is happening far, far away, in Space or Time, preferably both! Since it is clear that neither happiness nor unhappiness is permanent or absolute, but only temporary and relative; if you catch hold of the eternal and absolute; all varieties of influences will weaken and diminish. You will get to be like a rock unaffected by the vagaries of weather as well as events. This is how we can bring in Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity, into spirituality. After all, he also speaks of the same effect of Time and Space!

310. For me it looks as though, the essential message of the Upanishads is this urge to get over the intensity of how these events of the world are affecting us. If our urge to get released is intense and sincere, to that extent, the Upanishads can assist us in reaching the destination. We do not have to run to a secluded spot in the forest or mountains. (Actually, as man is planning on colonising the inter planetary Space, no place on Earth is secluded enough!) The very concepts of Time and Space teach us as to how to get over this. All that we have to pray to God, is for the right attitude of the mind and heart; so that here and now, we stop 'over-reacting to situations'! What is it to mentally push the immediate events to a far off place in Space and a distant slot in Time? This is the power to control three dimensions of Space and Past, Present and Future!

311. At the very beginning of Easawasyopanishad, it says, "...that(Atma) moves; (but)does not move. that is very far away; but is also very close, within...". By juxtaposing the events or things, within Time & Space and out of Time & Space; the Upanishad is egging us to get over the tyranny of Time & Space. Then in the next few Mantras, by telling us that, the entire gambit of Time & Space is within each one of us; within ourselves; our own Atma; the Upanishad is telling us to see the truth that, you are not in the world but, the world is in you! Then it talks of how You as Atma, are 'Omni Present' and thereby beyond Space and that, You as Atma is the apportioner of Time and so beyond Time!

312. In total, the mystery, puzzle or conundrum of the Time and Space is of concern not only for the modern day science, but also the Vedas. Science is still groping at the truth. Vedas have directed us towards ways and means of Mastering it, and affirms that it can be individually tested and tasted!

(Our next e-mail is 'Vedamum Tamizhnadum', that is, Vedam and Tamil Nadu.)




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